RGUNS PU Sniper Characteristics

Barrel Shanks
Left Side of Barrel Shank (on Izhevsk)

No Photos
Originals intact

Originals ground off and new put over the top (original numbers can be seen slightly or grinding is aparent)

Originals lined off with one solid line and new scope numbers added above
Note: All proof marks are either on top or high up and the scope numbers are never stamped "over" the proof marks.

Original Not touched and new number above

No Photo
Originals lined off with one solid line and no new scope numbers added

No Photo
Originals lined on individually and new scope numbers added above

No Photo
Originals lined on individually originals lined off with one solid line and no new scope numbers added

Scope Mount
(this does not include the scope)

No photo
Original, no marks

EP’ed scope number only

No Photo
EP’ed serial number only

EP’ed both serial number and scope number

Scopes are all over the place on condition

Some SVT scopes

Some “newer” looking scopes are on some rifle

Some look like they have a lot of wear

Serial Numbers
number mostly match but some have have mismatched

Top Of Barrel Shank

Image Image
Izhevsk on left, Tula on right (note "CH" above star on Tula)


Magazine Floor Plate

Butt plate
No Photos (Typical M91/30)

Wartime stock with half sling guides

Cartouche on right side stock

Turret wrapped in oil paper. This is the sign that a sniper has not been touched. RGUNS issues the snipers they sell
with the oil paper and cosmoline still on the rifle.

Little history of the RGUN snipers:

   Tuco (C0-Gun Boards Owner) heard of the rifles for sale in the Ukraine 2 to 3 years before they went on sale with RGUNS. He understood no one wanted to import them at that time as they felt there was not enough demand for them at the $800 level. When he went to find them he discovered RGUNS had bought them and imported them. He knows the rifles and knows they are real.

   They were originally WWII used sniper rifles and later used by the police. After service with the police they were returned to the military and refurbished and stored until RGUNS bought them. Some will say that the story that they were police rifles is just a story made up by those trying to sell them, but as it adds no value to the rifle to have been used by the police, it it generally believed to be true.

   Many of the PU snipers on the market (not RGUN snipers) are put together rifles . Century did some of that by buying original PU parts and rifles without scopes on them and putting them together. They carry the Century import mark.

   SAMCO sold Yugo PU snipers without the mounts and scopes. Many people bought these and added original PU scopes and mounts. The problem with them is, they were PU snipers sent to Yugoslavia by the Soviets with many M44's and other Mosins. Yugoslavia never used Mosins post war as they were using 8mm. They removed the optics and used them on their rifles until they started producing their own optics. That is why the SAMCO PU snipers have no optics on them. So they are a "put together by someone here in the US" sniper. Not an arsenal rifle. They carry the SAMCO import marks.

   RGUNS are the only "known" PU snipers for sale that can be confirmed where they came from. That comfirmation also came from someone other than RGUNS. Yes they are all in a different state of re-refurbishment. Some are rifles that obviously had damage during the war and parts were replaced, and other are almost entirely original. But all the work was done by the arsenals, not a "civilian". They carry the RGUNS stamp on the top of the receiver in a very small font, and RGUNS has never done that with their other imports. They have used a slightly larger font or a very large font and always on the side of the receivers of the other M91/30's (non snipers) that they imported. This is how you can tell if someone took a RGUNS imported M91/30 and turned it into a fake PU sniper. The import marks (which you are not allowed to alter) will be under the mount on on the side of a fake. So the stamp on the top is the "seal of approval" that these rifles are the "real deal". ;)

   RGUNS Sniper rifles are "WWII examples of PU sniper rifles that were arsenal refurbished post-war"

Some had parts interchanged with other PU snipers at the time of refurbishment. Others did not. Depended on the amount of repair the rifle needed at the time of refurbishment. Most if not all had swapped bolts and butt plates (from other PU snipers) during refurbishment. The bolt and butt plate was re-stamped after refurbishment so it is impossible to know if they are original to the rifle or not. (probably not).

   They went to some trouble to make sure the barrel/receiver, stock, scope mount /base, and scope all stayed together on the same rifle if possible. To do this they electro penciled the scope mounts with
1. Scope number
2. Rifle serial number.
This allowed them to put the barrel/receiver back with the same mount and same scope.

   They marked the serial number in the barrel channel on the stock. This would allow them to put the stock back with the barrel and receiver. Some have penciled in serial numbers partly shellacked over which shows the pencil marks were on “before” the shellac process.

   All this makes sense as they would not have to "re fit" all these parts once everything was re-blued. It would all then fit with no adjustments. This is why they think they were electro penciled on the mount and marked in the barrel channel of the stock. If not, the stocks would show large gaps in some area as they were refitted. They eliminated this problem buy numbering the parts to keep everything together.

   However, probably some had to have new scopes, some new stocks and so on. Those rifles that needed new stock and had them put on will not show serial numbers in the barrel channel. Those that needed new scope may not match the scope numbers on the side of the barrel shank and will not have the scope number on the mount electro penciled on or it might not match.

There are a lot of variations with the RGUNS snipers.

RGUNS sells them all for $800 now but, they used to sell them for

Tula for $900

Izhevsk for $800

   $1000 they would handpick an all matching rifle. That would be all serial numbers and scope numbers matching.
Scope numbers matches barrel shank, and electro penciled number on mount.
Serial number on barrel shank matched number on stock and re-stamped number on bolt and butt plate and EP’s number on mount.
In other words, Except for the bolt and butt plate, this is the same rifle as in WWII except it was refurbished. The bolts do not have the pre fix letters on them and they originally did, so this shows they have been re-stamped.

   Some will agree with this and some will not. But they are certainly a refurbished WWII PU sniper rifle refurbished by the Russian arsenals. Not much different than the M1 Garands, M1 carbines, 1903's and 1903a3 were done by the US arsenals after the War. In fact the Russians tried to keep the same rife (for the most part) together as far as the PU snipers go.

   What is good about buying a RGUN sniper rifle is, It is guaranteed it is real, and that import mark on the top of the receiver (RGUNS never did that only on the snipers and in a small font) is the signature it is a real PU sniper and not a "re-sniper" a "put together or a "fake".


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