Sniper Rifle Exporters and Importers

The rarest of the imported snipers are the ones that have never been refurbished and are as they were during WWII. These are rare and expensive.

Listed below in order that they were imported into the USA.In order that they were imported into the USA.
SAMCO Scopless Snipers:

Information on these sniper rifles are always changing. If you have information you want included, please email us at   We will consider all information and photos submitted. At this time we are looking for importer and sellers of the Molots and Tulsky snipers. Trying to keep a "complete" lists of each.


Early" Century Imports:

Imported by: Century Imports only (

Sold by: Century Imports only

Exported out of the Ukraine.

Century Import PU rifles will have a import serial number starting with "9130S".

    In the early days of Mosin import, there was an importer called Century (still in business today). They imported a "lot" of PU sniper parts and sniper rifles without scopes. They put them together in the USA and sold them as PU sniper rifles. They were still in sniper configuration, so people accepted them.
    Caution: They also put together "fakes" from standard M91/30's and reproduction parts and sold them alongside the "real" ones. So it take a keen eye to figure out which one you have if it is a Century import sniper.

Photo Section:

Century Import sniper rifle. Typical and is same as RGUNS, and Tulsky markings on side of barrel for scope number. No numbers on Tula's.
Some rifles have "scrubbed" scope numbers (which is also typical).

Your typical Century mount. Same as RGUNS, and Tulsky, and some Molots




SAMCO scope-less snipers:

Imported by: SAMCO only (

Sold by: SAMCO only

Exported out of Yugoslavia.

    Samco imported a bunch of PU snipers without any optics on them. Not the snipers being sold with the scopes on them, those are "Tulsky" Snipers. They were still drilled and tapped (by the arsenals) when sold to SAMCO and imported by SAMCO. They were used by the Russians during WWII and after the war, were given to Yugoslavia. Never refurbished like the Russian PU snipers were and are basically the same configuration as they were in WWII with mostly the original parts that were on them in WWII. Yugoslavia removed the optics to be used elsewhere and sold the rifle. This is the lot that Samco purchased. Many people bought these rifles and put the correct base, mount and scope on them. Accepted as "real" snipers because they are still in PU sniper configuration the entire time. Not a "re-snipered" rifle, as they never removed from sniper service by plugging the holes up and restocking them.
    Caution: Samco also sells Molot snipers with the optics on them, and they are Tulsky snipers. They also sell "bent bolt" M91/30's that were never PU snipers, just M91/30's that had a bent sniper bolt put on them during the refurb process in Russia. RGUNS also sold some of these "bent bolt" standard M91/30 rifle, but they never were PU sniper rifles. Just standard infantry M91/30's with a real sniper bolt.

Photo Section:

Samco Yugo Snipers have the serial number stamped under the butt plate.

Yugo PU snipers also have the head of the cleaning rod "brazed" on. (note the gold or brass coloring under the head of the cleaning rod)

Yugoslavia coated all their weapon in a very dark grease as opposed to the lighter grease the Russians used.

This is how the rifle comes from SAMCO. No base, mount or scope, but the holes (2 threaded and 2 plain) are still there.
Some of them have the pins still in them like the above example.

Here is a typical "addition of a real Russian base added to the above holes and pins.
This is not a easy task to do. Russian Mosin PU snipers are not "exactly" the same and the pin and screw hole can be different on each rifle.




RGUNS Snipers:

Imported by: RGUNS only (

Sold by: RGUNS only

Exported out of the Ukraine.

    These rifles were purchased by RGUNS and then imported by RGUNS into the United States. People (with no interest in the rifles) saw them for sale in the Soviet arsenals. All RGUNS snipers have the small RGUNS import mark on the top of the receiver just under the front scope lens. The general consensus is the refurbishment to these snipers was done in the 60's and 70's (same time as the standard M91/30's were refurbished) and they were re-issued to some Soviet Police. This is the reason some of them are a little beat up. Then they were stored until selling them to RGUNS who also were the exporter/importer.

    RGUNS imported standard M91/30's also and they were import marked on the side of the receiver, sometimes in larger lettering. So if you have a RGUNS sniper and the import mark falls under the scope mount, it is faked. Someone took a RGUNS standard M91/30 and made a PU sniper out of it. So watch that import marks location.

    Many people have seen these rifles at RGUN's facilities in the original arsenal crates with their "flaking" shellac (just like all the other M91/30, and M38, and M44's have) and all. The paper work has been shown for the individual crates (not all of them) that list the rifles by serial number in that crate in Russian and done by the arsenals and listed as sniper rifles.

    Tuco (C0-Gunboards Owner) heard of the rifles for sale in the Ukraine 2 to 3 years before they went on sale with RGUNS. He understood no one wanted to import them at that time as they felt there was not enough demand for them at the $800 level. When he went to find them he discovered RGUNS had bought them and imported them. He knows the rifles and knows they are real.
Interesting article written and posted on Gunboards by the owner Vic Thomas.

They were originally WWII used sniper rifles and later used by the police. After service with the police they were returned to the military and refurbished and stored until RGUNS bought them. It it generally believed to be true.

RGUNS are the only "known" PU snipers for sale that can be confirmed where they came from. That confirmation also came from someone other than RGUNS. Yes they are all in a different state of re-refurbishment. Some are rifles that obviously had damage during the war and parts were replaced, and other are almost entirely original. Most if not all had swapped bolts and butt plates (from other PU snipers) during refurbishment. The bolt and butt plate was re-stamped after refurbishment so it is impossible to know if they are original to the rifle or not. (probably not). But all the work was done by the arsenals, not a "civilian".

The arsenals went through some trouble to make sure the barrel/receiver, stock, scope mount /base, and scope all stayed together on the same rifle if possible. To do this they electro penciled the scope mounts with the scope number and rifle serial number. This allowed them to put the barrel/receiver back with the same mount and same scope. They marked the serial number in the barrel channel on the stock. This would allow them to put the stock back with the barrel and receiver. Some have penciled in serial numbers partly shellacked over which shows the pencil marks were on “before” the shellac process. All this makes sense as they would not have to "re fit" all these parts once everything was re-blued. It would all then fit with no adjustments. This is why they think they were electro penciled on the mount and marked in the barrel channel of the stock. If not, the stocks would show large gaps in some area as they were refitted. They eliminated this problem buy numbering the parts to keep everything together.

However, probably some had to have new scopes, some new stocks and so on. Those rifles that needed new stock and had them put on will not show serial numbers in the barrel channel. Those that needed new scope may not match the scope numbers on the side of the barrel shank and will not have the scope number on the mount electro penciled on or it might not match.

RGUNS sells them all for $800 now but, they used to sell them for $900 for a Tula and $00 for a Izhevsk. $1000 they would handpick an all matching rifle. That would be all serial numbers and scope numbers matching. Scope numbers matches barrel shank, and electro penciled number on mount. Serial number on barrel shank matched number on stock and butt plate and re-stamped number on bolt and and EP’s number on mount. In other words, except for the bolt, this is the same rifle as in WWII except it was refurbished. The bolts do not have the prefix letters on them and they originally did, so this shows they have been re-stamped.

What is good about buying a RGUN sniper rifle is, It is guaranteed it is real, and that import mark on the top of the receiver (RGUNS never did that only on the snipers and in a small font) is the signature it is a real PU sniper and not a "re-sniper" a "put together or a "fake".

Photo Section:
RGUNS import mark (Located on the very top of the receiver and in small font (hard to see sometimes).
Never on the side of the receiver or under the scope mount.
If it is under the scope mount, someone took a standard M91/30 (from RGUNS) and made a sniper from it. RGUNS also sold standard M91/30's.
Pencil serial numbers put on some refurbished snipers (not all, just some) showing they tried to keep the stocks with the rifles during refurbishment at the arsenal.

This is typical of the scope markings on a Izhevsk PU sniper that has been refinished. Usually indicating that the scope was replaced (probably due to damage) at some time in it's life.
But there are examples of "scrubbed" and restamped and "original" matching scope numbers also.
note: Tula snipers were not marked like this, only the Izhevsk PU sniper rifles. Same as the Century (Ukraine) and Tulsky (Russian) snipers. Only Molot's were.

Example of "original" matching or possibly "scrubbed" and re-stamped scope numbers.

This is the mount on a Tula RGUNS sniper. As the Tula snipers did not have a scope number on the side of the rifle, they didn't bother to put electro pencil scope number on the mount.

Top View of a laminated RGUNS sniper rifle. This is rare to see on a sniper rifle. As the laminated stocks mainly came after the war (a few were used during WWII),
it is generally agreed that these stocks were probably put on during refurbishment.

Serial numbers under the handguard on some RGUNS snipers.

Another shot of the import markings.






Molot Snipers

Imported by: IO,

Sold by: AIM, Century, Centerfire

Exported out of Russia.


Molot Sniper Information as known to this date.

    No one knows the entire story about how this batch of sniper (called Molot snipers) or how they were handled exactly. The parts and rifles are real refurbished PU sniper rifles and parts. That is in not in question.   The question has been, did anyone (or company like Molot) maybe put them together and match the scope numbers up. Were they put together from parts by Molot, or perhaps by the arsenals and the scope numbers added after? Those are the unanswered questions at this time. We may learn more if we continue to ask questions from those who handled these snipers.
The only story that we know is, someone got the rifle (or parts?) and handed them over to Molot (remember, Molot is a Russian company and not an arsenal). They "processed them" (what ever that means) and packaged (not a big deal) them in wrap and boxes. They were turned over to IO (importer) to be imported to the US. then some went to AIM (sellers in the US), and some to Century (sellers in the US), and a few others.

They are a collectable PU sniper, it is just to what degree. Just as a "all original" sniper rifle that has all of it's "original parts" and not gone through a refurbishment is more collectable then a refurbished PU sniper rifle is. All collectable, just to different degrees. We will leave that "list" to the "real" collectors.

Molot Buisness Partners (same rifle as Molot)
Waffen Schumacher GmbH Krefeld, Germany
Rosjagd GmbH Hamburg, Germany
Asekauppa Erkki Lahdeniemi Tampere, Finland
Artemis AS Oslo, Norway
Zommers Ltd. Riga, Latvia
Hunting Association "Jaanikese" Estonia
Ase Travel Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Kartalis Near East Agency Thessaloniki, Greece
Indusstek Hornsby, New South Wales, Australia

Photo Section:


(three photos above) This is the mark Molot put on the rifles when they "processed" them after they came to them from the arsenals.
The Diamond mark is a Russian proof mark and is not a Molot mark. But it will be found on any Russian exported Mosin rifle (required by Russia)
The Bn mark is a trade mark of Molot.

(no photo yet)
Serial number put on by IO on the receiver (located just behind the barrel shank and in front of the mount).
This serial number is the "official" serial number as far as the BATF is concerned and is required during import into the US

(no photo yet)
 Import mark put on by IO (located on side of barrel near the muzzle)

(two photos above) This is the markings put on by Molot under the hand guard of the later released snipers.
The Diamond mark is a Russian proof mark and is not a Molot mark. But it will be found on any Russian exported Mosin rifle (required by Russia)
The Bn mark is a trade mark of Molot.

old scope numbers lined out and new (modern font and stamped after the bluing) scope number added.

This one had the scope numbers "scrubbed" as they did many of the other snipers and added new scope numbers.

Molot started exporting and importing to the USA them selves. This is their mark on top of the receiver (some of the last Molots so far).

X'd out scope numbers and new scope numbers added. (modern fonts?)

This is an example of a Tula that had scope numbers lined out and new scope numbers added. Molot snipers are the only snipers that have scope numbers on the side of Tula snipers.

Mount Electro Penciled with ser# and scope#. Typical of all sniper rifles and not just Molots.

The following are the reason Molot's are "questioned" along with the fact they will not talk themselves".
These rifle have been produced by Molot for many years now. Well before they discovered they could make more money on "old PU sniper rifles".

A Molot made rifle. Some Mosin parts were used, but the barrels are new.

A Molot made sniper rifle by Molot . Called a "hunting rifle". Some Mosin parts were used, but the barrels are new.

Another Molot made rifle. Also some Mosin parts were used, but the barrels are new. This is also called a "hunting rifle".
Sort of like a Michell's Mauser version of a Mosin.





"Tulsky" Snipers

Imported by: PW Arms, IO

Sold by: SAMCO, AIM, Classic Arms, Royal Tiger Imports

Exported out of Russia.

    These PU sniper rifles started coming in around April of 2014 (plus or minus). They appear to have more in common with the other sniper rifles (Century, RGUNS) and less so with the Molots as far as markings and traits go. They are out of Russia and not the Ukraine leading the collectors to believe the Soviets Union refurbished all their rifles the same in the Ukraine and Russia. Which would make sense as they were the government that owned all of them at the time of refurbishment.
More to come on these as we learn more.

PW arms import marks on front of barrel.

PW arms import marks on the front of the receiver (towards left in photo)
And scope lined out marks on left side of barrel shank.

No scope numbers on left side of Tula snipers. Same as Century, and RGUNS.

Typical mount marked with electro pencil (scope and serial numbers). Same as all snipers had except Tula snipers.

Tulsky marks on side of rear sight base. Assumed to be by Tulsky.

Marking put on by Tulsky. "Made in Russia" and the T in a circle inside of a triangle is Tulsky's trade mark.
The Diamond mark is a Russian proof mark and is not a Molot mark. But it will be found on any Russian exported Mosin rifle (required by Russia)

Same as above.





All Russian Exported Rifles

Molot, and Tulsky (at this point):

All small arms (and some ammo)exported from Russia have this mark on them. It is a requirement of the Russian Government.

Klimovsk: Proof-House for the proof of small arms, Russia

The Diamond mark is found on Russian exported firearms and is required by Russia.

Examples of proof mark:

Bolt area

Rear receiver

Side of barrel shank.

But it can be found in a lot of different places.



Fake and "Reproduction" Snipers

Imported by: some

Sold by: AIM, Century, Big 5, SOG and many others

    Remember, we are a "PRESERVATION" forum. We believe that the rifles should be preserved and not altered from the state and configuration they were in when they left the arsenals. Any altering (permanent) is not allowed on the forums and is a shame the firearm was devalued. (commonly called...bubba'd)

Just a short word on Fakes and "reproductions"

    First, none of these can be truly classified as a "reproduction". Reproductions are reproduced from scratch such as the piatta 1858 Nave Colts and Army revolvers, or even the muskets and Hawkins. These "reproduction" Mosins are made from original M91/30 Infantry rifles that have been drilled and tapped and altered for a reproduction mount, base, and scope. For a "preservation" forum such as ours, this is not acceptable. So truly, they are not reproductions, but in fact "FAKES".

    A "Fake" is when they take a "real firearm" and add either "real parts" or "reproduction parts" to make it into something else that it never was. Then they never properly mark the firearm so there is no confusion. Instead, the idea is to "fake" people into thinking it is "real". Typically when these were sold, the advertising was written in a way as to confuse or "misinform" without actually "lying". Many people bought these rifles are believed them to be "real" and were disappointed. They now float around being sold as "real". Import marks must not be "under" the scope base. If they are, it is an indication they are fakes.

Information on how to spot a "FAKE":

   Also a altered rifle. These are ex-sniper rifles that had the holes plugged by the arsenals and refurbished. Decommissioned as sniper rifles and are now in M91/30 infantry configuration. Re-snipering is when someone drills out the holes and mounts either real parts or fake parts on to it. These can be spotted by a trained eye. The import marks are incorrect or "under" the base of the scope. Or have the wrong importers. Not allowed on the foorums as the rifle left the arsenal as a standard infentry M91/30 commonly called a ex-sniper rifle. Ex-snipers are collectable unless you re-sniper them, then it devalues the rifle.



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