1907 Carbines


Russia/USSR Mosin Nagant

General Specifications Model M1907 Carbine : General Description:

Weight -- 7.22 lbs.(3.28 kg)
Length (over all) -- 39.96" (101.5 cm)
Barrel Length -- 19.9" (50.8 cm)
Stock length -- 36 1/2" (92.7 cm)

  • Manufactured from 1910 through 1917 at the Izhevsk arsenal
  • Often mistakenly referred to as the 1910 Carbine
  • Rifling is 4-groove, right hand twist
  • 5 round integral magazine
  • Features a full length stock with no bayonet

The Model 1907 Carbine is one of the most controversial models sought after by collectors. The M1907 carbine is often mistakenly referred to as the M1910 Carbine. There were a number of changes were made to the carbine around 1910, but it was never designated M1910 . The M1891 was too long and too heavy for engineers, artillerymen and signalers to carry and the cavalry found the M1891 rifle awkward on horseback. As early as 1895 a carbine (karabin) prototype was developed, reportedly by altering the dragoon rifle. Introduced in 1907 the carbine, at 40 in and 7.6 Ibs, was 11.37 in shorter and 2. 1 lbs. lighter than the infantry rifle Pekhotniya vintovka. The carbine was stocked almost to the front sight and thus did not take a bayonet. The M1907 carbine has a rear sight with graduations of 400 to 2,000 arshini (about 312 to 1,560 yards).

Production of new carbines was undertaken at the Izhevsk factory, and existing Dragoon and Cossack rifles were altered to carbines at Sestroryetsk using a system developed by N. I. Yurov.

Soviet-era, arsenal-reworked carbines are on the market which have tsarist-era dated hexagonal receivers, and are advertised as M1907 or M1910 carbines. Genuine M1907s are rare finds at the local gun show should be very carefully examined before buying. Make sure you check out the rear sight, front sight, hand guard, and stock.

Production numbers for the M1907 are estimated as:

1st pattern: 44,000
2nd pattern: 300,000

General Features:

Rear sight, 400 to 2,000 arshini: Sight is hinged at the rear: Front sight is mounted near the muzzle:
1907carbine 006.jpg
1907carbine 007.jpg
1907carbine 013.jpg

Receiver (on right) is much more conical: Nearly full length stock and handguard:
1907carbine 023.jpg

1907 Carbine Variants

  • 1st pattern : No reinforcing bolt


  • 2nd pattern : A reinforcing bolt was required due to the high recoil of the M1908 cartridge


Photos courtesy of martin08, member, and Karl Heinz
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