M91 (other countries)

Others Countries Mosin Nagant

  • Model M91 Rifle : Description
    • Bullet Point #1.
    • Bullet Point #2.
    • Bullet Point #3.
    • Bullet Point #4.
    • Bullet Point #5.
General Specification

Weight -- 9 1/2 lbs. (4.3kg)
Length (over all) -- 51 1/2" (130.8 cm)
Barrel Length -- 31 1/2" (80.0 cm)
Stock length -- 47 1/2" (120.7 cm)

Model M91 Rifle Variants


  • United States of America : Remington -- Description #1

  • United States of America : New England Westinghouse -- Description #1


  • France : Chatterault -- Description #2


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