Finland Mosin Nagant

General Specifications Model M39 Rifle - General Description:

Weight -- 9 1/2 lbs.(4.3 kg)
Length (over all) -- 46 3/4" (118.7 cm)
Barrel Length -- 27" (68.6 cm)
Stock length -- 43 1/4" (109.9 cm)

  • World War II era bolt action infantry rifle.
  • Product of the first joint development effort of the Finnish Regular Army and Civil Guard.
  • Design borrowed heavily from the Civil Guard M28/30.
  • All Finnish major parts except Russian bolt, receiver & magazine (modified).
  • Designed to be adaptable for both foot soldier and ski trooper use.
  • Primary wartime use was in Finland's Continuation War with the Soviet Union.
  • Generally regarded as finest and most accurate wartime open sight Mosin Nagant.


In this area will be a piece that delivers:

  • A brief overview of history leading up to the development of the M39.
  • A discussion of the fact this is the first Finn designed Mosin where the Guard and Regular Army were on the same page.
  • Sequence of events leading up to its release.
  • Performance during the Continuation War
  • Performance relative to Russian Mosin Nagants

Changes from M28/30 to M39


Discussion of stock changes - image is just a temporary placeholder - first image will be of front 1/3 of stock

M39 Stock
image - middle 1/3 of M39 stock
image - back 1/3 of M39 stock


Discussion of barrel changes

M39 Barrel
Image of bare M39 barrel goes here


Discussion of trigger changes

M39 Trigger
Image of M39 trigger assembly goes here

Nose Cap

Discussion of nose cap changes

M39 Nose Cap
Image of M39 nose cap goes here

Barrel Bands

Discussion of barrel band changes

M39 Barrel Bands
Image of M39 barrel bands go here


Discussion of handguard changes

M39 Hand Guard
Image of M39 hand guard goes here

Sling Mounts

Discussion of standardization of Ski Trooper sling mount option

M39 Sling Mounts
Multiple images of M39 barrel bands go here along with images from the M27 and M28

Front Sight

Discussion of front sight changes

M39 Front Sight
Multiple images of M39 and M28/30 front sights showing differences goes here

Rear Sight

Discussion of rear sight changes

M39 Rear Sight
Multiple images of M39 rear sight goes here


Discussion of magazine changes including anti-jamming modifications

M39 Magazine
Multiple images of M39 magazine and M28/30 with HV stamp go here

Receiver and Bolt

Discussion of receiver and bolt

M39 Receiver and Bolt
Multiple Images of M39 bolt and receiver go here

Cleaning Rod

Discussion of cleaning rod changes

M39 Cleaning Rod
Images of M39 cleaning rod goes here

Model M39 Rifle Variants

Barrel Variants

Sako Arsenal

Note: Brief discussion of Sako goes here

Sako Barrel Stamp
Image of Sako Barrel stamp goes here

VKT Arsenal

Note: Brief discussion of VKT goes here

VKT Barrel Stamp
Image of VKT Barrel stamp goes here

Tikka Arsenal

Note: Brief discussion of Tikka goes here

Tikka Barrel Stamp
Images of early and late Tikka Barrel stamps go here


Note: Brief discussion of SK.Y goes here

SK.Y Barrel Stamp
Image of SK.Y Barrel stamp goes here

B Barrel

Note: Brief discussion of B Barrel goes here

B Barrel Stamp
Image of B Barrel stamp goes here

Puolustuslaitos Mark

Note: Brief discussion of Puolustuslaitos Mark goes here

Puolustuslaitos Barrel Stamp
Image of Puolustuslaitos Barrel stamp goes here

No Maker, Late Date

Note: Brief discussion of No Maker, Late Date goes here

No Maker, Late Date Barrel Stamp
Image of No Maker, Late Date Barrel stamp goes here

No Maker, No Date

Note: Brief discussion of No Maker, No Date goes here

No Maker, No Date Barrel Stamp
Image of No Maker, No Date Barrel stamp goes here

No Maker, 48

Note: Brief discussion of No Maker, 48 goes here

No Maker, 48 Barrel Stamp
Image of No Maker, 48 Barrel stamp goes here

Stock Variants

Straight Stock vs Pistol Grip

Discussion of circumstances surrounding production of straight stocks

M39 Straight Stock
Images of M39 Straight and Pistol grip stocks go hers

Stock Splices

History and time frames of stocks discussing transition from wartime to transitional to post-war stocks. It will also discuss differences in finishes.

Wartime Stock Transitional Stock Postwar Stock
Wartime Splice Transitional Splice Postwar Splice
Wartime Image Transitional Image Postwar Image

Finnish Butt Reinforcement

Brief discussion of butt reinforcement

M39 Butt Reinforcement
Images of butt reinforced stock

Other Variants

Round vs Hex Receiver

Discussion of this variant

M39 Hex Receiver M39 Round Receiver
Images Hex Receiver Image of Round Receiver

Receiver Tang Markings

Brief discussion of receiver tangs

M39 Tank Markings
Images of a variety of labeled tang markings

Variant Combinations

Discussion of why the above variants can be found in almost any combination on a M39

M39 Variant Combinations
Labeled Images of M39s showing unusual variant combinations


We'll build this section out over time. For each there will be a brief description and labeled table of images.

Stock Markings

Barrel Markings

Receiver Markings

Soldier Markings

Sniper Variants

I'm going to need some help with this section as I have never seen one of these. I can write and attribute the words.

But other members are going to have to help me with the images


This section will be built later than the earlier sections as I have very little information and ownership other than slings. What I'd like to do is finish the above portion of this page and use it as a motivational tool to encourage folks to send me images and information.

Slings A brief discussion of slings

One or more images

Bayonets A brief discussion of bayonets

One or more images

Gun Cleaning A brief discussion of gun cleaning accessories

One or more images

Hang Tags A brief discussion of hang tags

One or more images


Attribution material will go here


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